Adult Cell Groups

KCMC’s Cell Groups are comprised of 5 – 15 people who pray for one another and meet together in each other’s houses once a week. 

Each cell group is like a “mini church”, led by a trained Cell Leader who is committed to caring and leading the members of his or her cell group. The groups spend time in worship, prayer, bible study, and reflection. They can become a great source of encouragement and growth for you in your faith journey.

Why You Should Join A Cell Group

In smaller groups, away from the hustle and bustle of “church”, cells are a wonderful and effective way to :

  • Study and apply God’s word
  • Worship God together as a body of Christ
  • Love, encourage, support and pray for one another
  • Build meaningful connections
  • Serve others within your neighborhood or community
  • Develop leaders, enhancing the leadership capability of believers
  • Expanding evangelism opportunities

Join A Cell Group.

Connect weekly with other Christians

Typically, a cell group consists of 5 to 15 individuals. These will be people who share your stage of life, whether you’re a young married couple, student, young adult, an elderly couple, or more. 

Generally, you can expect:

Food — Food has magical powers. Food brings people together, allowing them to relax and feel at ease with one another. Hospitality is a spiritual discipline that enables effective evangelism. When we talk about food, we could be referring to anything from some pieces of kaya pok to packets of nasi lemak or even a full-on meal with rice and dishes. Every group will have their own ideas for food — and that’s the beauty of it!

Word Cell Group study materials will be based entirely on the Bible. Dig into biblicly-based teachings every week and apply them into your day-to-day.

Life — Cell Group is about doing life together. We gather to celebrate, support, pray, and even mourn and laugh with one another. By simply being together we intentionally make room for life-giving relationships with others. It also provides us the opportunity to learn and practice how to care for one another.

Serve — What happens in Cell Group is meant to equip us to go outside of our walls, contexts, and comfort zones to serve and evangelize our communities in Jesus’ name. We continually ask how we can take what we have learned and live it out in our communities. For those that need us most.

The short answer: A cell group is a group of 5 – 15 members who meet outside the church building on a regular basis. Empowered through prayer, they strive to impact lives (including their own) through community, discipleship, evangelism, and multiplication.

Cell Group is not a new method, but a new term. Small group is widely used in governance, administration, mobilization, transmission of information and execution of tasks in all areas of society such as military, education, business, medical, religion and, etc. CG is preceded with the word “Cell’ to show that CG is not merely an organization. It is also an organism which is alive and capable of growing, breeding and experiencing life cycle changes; similar to biological cells, thus the name “Cell Group.”

CG is not a panacea, able to solve all the problems in the church. Nevertheless, CG is a very effective method (CG was originally God’s method. Eg: The “Officials over ten” in the Old Testament’s as a unit of group, and Jesus’ 12 Disciples in the New Testament have proved to be the most effective method.) God had blessed the church’s CG ministry around the world. Although we cannot say that a church with CG will definitely grow, yet CG is evident is almost every growing church.

Cell Groups at KCMC are a group of people who are committed to growing closer together and closer to God. This discipleship model is guided by three principles at its core.

To Be Inviting — Cell Group is a place where friends and neighbors can come and see what it’s like to live as disciples of Christ. Each of KCMC’s Cell Groups should be places where everyone is welcome and encouraged to experience God with Us.

Geographically Organized — Cell Group is intended to be a neighborhood gathering of people who are doing life together and bringing light to their communities. Our goal is to bring God’s presence into every neighborhood where KCMC members live.

To Share The Gospel — Cell Group is not only a “come and see” model, but also a “go and tell” model. The good news of Jesus is for everyone, not just those who already follow him. Cell Groups at KCMC are on a mission to see the love of God transform our communities, both in Klang and beyond.

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